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We accept online advertising guest posts for our website. We publish summaries on a basis of research findings which are based on surveys and other studies conducted by research individuals, marketers, PR firms and academia.

How to Contribute bylined articles for Freelance-kid:

Your article should be 800-2000 words in length. You need to use an objective viewpoint and supply valuable how-to content such as actionable ideas, practical advice, and generally speaking, how-to do something. That this should be acceptable for publication and is more likely going to meet the standards of Freelance-kid should you use an voice. The next three articles are all examples to see:

  • 5 Marketing Techniques That Take Your Twitter Account From Wimpy to Wow
  • 8 Easy Steps to Boost Your Conversion prices.

How to construct an Authority Blog in Less than 6 Months.

If you’re article has been accepted to be 15, we will indicate to you. It may take a week or so for us to contact you so be sure to check your email.

Articles may be edited for brevity in addition to clarity by us and also to conform to the style of the blog.

Here are guidelines to follow if you are interested in being a regular contributor of marketing related posts to TopAffiliatePrograms.info:

Your article has to be original and not published elsewhere.
You want to provide clear advice in the article, practical hints, and advice the reader can remove the report. You can use bullet points to convey your meaning, but don’t ramble along.
At the peak of the article use 2-3 bullet points to convey what the reader will escape the article.
You can add a little bio, around 25 words. Please include LinkedIn and Twitter contact info in case you have this.
Make sure relevant links are in parentheses next to words you want linked. (i.e., do not embed the links). Affiliate links aren’t allowed.
Email attachments of content you submit ought to be Word documents and not PDFs.
As the writer you keep the copyright, but TopAffiliatePrograms.info may reprint your piece, with complete attribution in marketing materials or related goods.
We do not publish any press releases, but see the “Share Your Research Findings” section that’s shown below.

We do accept Guest posts- email us

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