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How to Start a Business Blog?

Over 51% of B2B buyers get influenced by content for their buying decisions. And approximately 47% of buyers view 3-4 pieces of content before inquiring over a product, says the Content Preferences Report 2016 by Demand Generation.

Of all content marketing strategies, modern day businesses mainly rely on social media activities which are relatively interactive and swift but used more in terms of direct promotions, product launches and sales.

On the other side, Blogging is a long terms means to generate traffic and in turn, sales and revenues. Though it takes a little more time but steadily builds up your B2B portfolio.

If your business caters to end users too, then they too can take a leaf, especially taking a look at your client list.

Blogging not just diversifies your business but has the capacity to attract visitors who may not be your customers in the first place but fans of your blog.

They still act as prospects, offering you a chance of cross-selling. Besides, they can always refer your product if they are truly inspired by your blog.

With platforms like WordPress today, blogging has become easier than it ever was in the past. Starting a blog requires little technical expertise and time.

Let’s take a look at this beautiful infographic below (download), to understand step by step process to blog creation.

how-to-start-a-business-blog How to Start a Business Blog?

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