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May 23, 2014 Scott

Growth Rate Of Social Apps Compared

global_1405234 Growth Rate Of Social Apps Compared

This week, GlobalWebIndex released a new report about global trends in social platform usage. It found that SnapChat is the fastest-growing social app, followed by Kik Messenger.

It’s interesting that the top fastest-growing social apps are completely independent of any of the big established social network companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google. That changes after the top two though. Next, we see WhatsApp and Vine, which fall under Facebook and Twitter respectively (though Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition isn’t complete just yet). After that is Instagram, which is also good news for Facebook.

Notably, Line makes an appearance before any of the big players’ flagship apps. Here’s a look at the rankings:

It’s a good thing for Facebook that WhatsApp and Instagram are so high up on the list because Facebook itself is pretty far down (how much can you really grow when you have so many users already?). Facebook Messenger is pretty far down too.

For Google+, which some say is basically dying, it seems encouraging that it’s growing at the same rate as Twitter. That news may not be so good for Twitter, however. Investors have already been critical of Twitter’s growth rate, and it’s affected the stock. Twitter probably shouldn’t be content to be that for down on the list.

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Image via GlobalWebIndex

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