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December 17, 2015 Scott

Top General Blogging Tips

Our-Top-General-Blogging-Tips-the-Most-Popular-ProBlogger-Posts-of-2015 Top General Blogging Tips

So far we’ve spilled the beans on everything concerning creating content, earning an income on your blog, and tips for a smashing social media strategy, and now it’s time to turn our attention to those random-but-general things that have helped thousands of you push your blogs forward this year.

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Our Top General Blogging Tips: The Most Popular ProBlogger Posts of 2015

Where to Find Free Images Online

It seems my bugbear was yours too, this year! There have been quite a few places to get quality, modern, free and no-attribution images online springing up since I wrote this post, but these are still my go-to sites. They never let me down.

A Powerful Exercise Inside Google Analytics to Set You Up for a Successful Year of Blogging

google-analytics-logo Top General Blogging Tips

The one where Darren takes us on a tutorial trip through Google Analytics to drill down into your audience, how they arrive at your blog, and what they do when they are there. He uses the data gleaned from this exercise at the end of every year to figure out what to re-share on social, what gets shared most, what headlines worked, what content fell flat, and what posts could be optimised or upgraded in the new year. It’s a long one – take a drink!

10 Simple Hacks that Will Increase Your Blog Traffic

10-Simple-Hacks-that-will-Increase-Your-Blog-Traffic-all-the-secrets-revealed-on-ProBlogger.net_ Top General Blogging Tips

We love simple, we love hacks, and we love traffic. No wonder this post resonated with many of you in 2015!

How to Write Brilliant Blog Posts: 5 Tips from Psychology

How-to-Write-Brilliant-Blog-Posts-5-Tips-from-Psychology-on-ProBlogger.net_ Top General Blogging Tips

It seemed you all were “ready to rock a brilliant blog post? Do you want to write faster, think more creatively, just do it all better?”, as this post really hit it out of the park with readers. Five really simple but effective tips to create an environment where success is inevitable.

Top 15 Free Internet Marketing Tools to Boost Your Online Business

Screen-Shot-2015-02-13-at-10.13.35-am Top General Blogging Tips

Free! Tools! 15 of them! From content generation to social scheduling tools to testing the speed your site loads, there’ll be something here that will help you find a shortcut in blogging. Which brings me to my next point:

5 Ways to Make Your Blogging Life Easier

5-Ways-to-Make-Your-Blogging-Life-Easier Top General Blogging Tips

When you feel a little bit overwhelmed, and like the to-do list of your blog is longer than the years you’ll ever be alive, here are five ways to slash the stress and breathe a bit more. Put some of them into place before the end of the year and start 2016 off on the right path.

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What was your favourite?

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