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January 12, 2015 Scott

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

One of the best types of web designs for your website is a responsive web design. This is the type of web design that works on a multitude of devices. This includes PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices that can reach the Internet. Without responsive web design, it just means that the company needs a website for each different device and resolution. This is impossible for most websites. Fortunately, the alternative comes in the form of a responsive web design. With the approach that responds based on the user’s environment, screen size and platform, you will present a greater online experience to the end user that visits your site.

The practice of responsive web design involves flexible grids, images and different types of media. The website should be able to keep up with the switching of online devices. As the user switches from one device to the other, the website should be able to automatically switch according to the screen size, resolution and other abilities of the other device. This method takes away the need to create a site for different devices. The technology and method of creating a responsive web design is probably a big task to figure out for the webmaster. Fortunately, there are options that the webmaster can look into.

A webmaster can hire a Long Island Web Designer who has extensive knowledge on creating a flexible design for his site. In a reasonable amount of time, a website that is accessible across all platforms will be available. The webmaster does not have to worry about losing visitors because they do not have the right device to view his website on. He can experience the full advantage of running a high traffic website without having to spend hours trying to figure out a way to make it work. The Long Island freelance web developer already has the hard part figured out.

More visitors across platforms also means more profit. Among the many features of mobile devices is the ability to make payments. This is another reason that you want to use responsive web design. The most financially successful websites and blogs are those that are accessible across every type of device. While PCs and laptops are still in good use, a growing number of people are using a multitude devices to visit the Internet. Being able to successfully switch your site will make things more convenient for the user.

There are plenty of different screen sizes to put into consideration. While there are major categories that you can group them into. However, the usage figures are very unpredictable. Another thing to consider is that a lot of users do not maximize the screen. In many cases, they view a multitude of websites at once as their devices allow them to.

Flexibility is the solution to everything. This is what responsive web design offers for the user. Just a few years ago, many websites did not have the luxury of a flexible layout. Also, anything that was considered flexible at the time was not really all that flexible. Images often broke layouts and couldn’t adjust based on computer screens. Now, online flexibility has improved to the point that layouts are a lot harder to break. There is the issue of legibility when it comes to switching between devices.

With the help of a NY PHP developer, you can build a very powerful website with responsive web design. While responsive web design does not solve the problem completely, it does provide needed improvements to the web experience. It does make the experience more tolerable for people who surf the Internet across a multitude of devices such as a netbook and a smartphone. It is not to be seen as the total solution to the problems of the mobile Internet. As usual, adjustments need to be made as new devices are created and released. In the end, the highest priority is the experience that is given to the user. It is important to give the user the most enjoyable experience possible from using your website. You don’t want a user to just visit your site. You want the user to keep coming back due to the positive experience he gets no matter what device he uses. As the Internet goes mobile, it is important to adapt with the technology.

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