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November 19, 2021 Scott

Timeshare Foreclosure in Florida and How to Get a Refund

Timeshare foreclosure is a fairly new industry in Florida. Timeshare foreclosures are typically handled by specialists like The Peoples Advocate, which means that they are not the same people who handle your home mortgage. The foreclosure specialists usually work for companies like Sands Capital or Financial Freedom (previously known as Foreclosure-U).

Timeshare foreclosure is typically done when the timeshare owner can no longer afford to pay his monthly maintenance fees. The timeshare owner will then turn to the timeshare company for help with financial issues, but gets turned away. The timeshare company will then work with the timeshare foreclosure specialist to get the deed back on the property. Timeshare foreclosure is not an option for everyone, however. If you own a timeshare and are having problems paying your maintenance fees, you should try to work things out with your developer before you consider getting in contact with a timeshare foreclosure service. However, if you still cannot afford to keep up with your payments, it may be time to consider using a timeshare foreclosure service.

How to Get a Refund?

Timeshare refunds can be tricky to get and we will try and help. TimeshareRefunds.co has helped thousands of timeshare owners get their full refund — or at least a substantial portion of their money back. timeshare rescission is different from other consumer litigation.

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